11 Knit for Me & Made For 8

Good afternoon. Oh boy has this Tuesday flown by. I meant to sew after my workout but I ended up taking a pick-me-upper nap to recharge my energy. The husband is home today, getting over a bug; he's been workin' hard and exhausted from everything; he's definitely on the mend and feeling better by now.... Continue Reading →

10 Knit For Me

Hello and good morning. How're you today? My workout is done. I got up to 40 minutes today! Usually I listen to freestyle mixes but I have a bad habit of checking the time. So today I tried out something my friend, El, does...read. I put on classical music and read my Kindle book (a... Continue Reading →

9 Knit For Me

Good afternoon. What are you eating for lunch today? I haven't eaten yet. I first ran by Trader Joe's to pick up tonight's dinner and then 30+ minutes on the elliptical. My parents passed down the machine to us so I'm determined to use it every day this month. After I soaked my foot, the... Continue Reading →

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