18 Knit for Me

Good afternoon. What are you up to this Sunday? Our crew is chillaxin in our jammies. Catching Up Practicing The high from STITCHES is still going strong so I've been knitting. I frogged and cast on again for practice tubes for Magic Loop and for two circulars. I dealt with issues of twisting fabric which... Continue Reading →

13 Knit for Me

I usually limit myself to two to three WIP's. However, I'm itchin' to cast on more projects ever since two KAL's caught my eye on Ravelry. I figure why limit myself? Why make myself wait so long? One of the KAL's would have me work on two items for myself: My Sister's Knitter - Head,... Continue Reading →

Second & Third Week of Summer

Hi there. I know I've been a bit MIA. Thank you Patty for checking up on me on IG. Also, Wisps of Words had commented on my last post, "You are one busy lady. But of course, since you are in the middle of child rearing. My “old lady” suggestion, is….. Concentrate on that! This family time, will... Continue Reading →

12 Knit for Me

Good afternoon. How is your Tuesday goin'? Mine has been crusin' smoothly. I put me first and went out for a power walk that lost steam around halfway but I hit 3.65 mi. By the time I got home an hour later (I used to be able to power walk 4 mi in an hour.)... Continue Reading →

11 Knit for Me & Made For 8

Good afternoon. Oh boy has this Tuesday flown by. I meant to sew after my workout but I ended up taking a pick-me-upper nap to recharge my energy. The husband is home today, getting over a bug; he's been workin' hard and exhausted from everything; he's definitely on the mend and feeling better by now.... Continue Reading →

10 Knit For Me

Hello and good morning. How're you today? My workout is done. I got up to 40 minutes today! Usually I listen to freestyle mixes but I have a bad habit of checking the time. So today I tried out something my friend, El, does...read. I put on classical music and read my Kindle book (a... Continue Reading →

9 Knit For Me

Good afternoon. What are you eating for lunch today? I haven't eaten yet. I first ran by Trader Joe's to pick up tonight's dinner and then 30+ minutes on the elliptical. My parents passed down the machine to us so I'm determined to use it every day this month. After I soaked my foot, the... Continue Reading →

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