Cross Stitch IV

Good morning. How have you been? Well, school is finally out for the summer here. I have this to show you: I finished Marauder's Map by last Sunday. Monday I bought a frame from Target as I had liked that it came with a mat, enabling me to frame it in an 8"x10" way. The... Continue Reading →

Cross Stitch III

Hi y'all. A quick post as I've been dilligently working on the tween's teacher gift. Here's what I've gotten done so far: I just finished backstitching the Marauder's map: I bought a Morgan lap stand (made in the USA) to try because I started having aches from holding the hoop and stitching: There are different... Continue Reading →

Made For 15

Good evening. Tomorrow is the last day of school and then winter break here we come! Thankfully the kids have early dismissals Friday because this week has been torture. I've been stuck with Safety Patrol but only showed up Monday and Wednesday + I'll go tomorrow since I had PT today and Tuesday. RIBBIT Remember... Continue Reading →

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