Paper 22 Play

Good evening. Are you a fan of fried chicken? I picked up some Von's Chicken for dinner after the teenager and I dropped off her friend. We used to get Bonchon but Von's is way betta. I mailed out another card on Tuesday, but before I show it to you, one of you had asked... Continue Reading →

Paper 21 Play

Afternoon. What have you been up to today? Here in the States it's Memorial Day weekend. I finally have a weekend of rest where I get to sleep in and...well back that up because I was woken up at 6:48am by hungry, mewing kittens that can get pretty loud, but I went back to sleep... Continue Reading →

Paper 19 Play

Aloha. Quiet doesn't necessarily mean nonproductive, yeah? Here's my latest card creation. It took me two tries over two days to get what I instinctively feel is perfection. This one's for one of the Sharka mums who I have GNO's with and who was PTA president before me. She was a great mentor, giving advice... Continue Reading →

Paper 18 Play

Good morning. What are you up to today? Alice's birthday was yesterday. I met her at the elementary school the dames went to in SF; her and her family had come in later and we had served on PTA together. She's bubbly, sweet, and generous; back then this mama would hook me up with some... Continue Reading →

Paper 17 Play

Good morning. TGIF! How is your morning going? The tween walked over to our neighbor's house and the husband is dropping off the teen. I have a new card to show you. This was made for my moi moi (little sister); her birthday was on Tuesday. The Inspiration I wanted to try the technique of... Continue Reading →

Paper 14 Play

Good morning and Happy Valentine's Day. Do you have any special plans today &/or February 14th traditions? Yesterday afternoon the tween put together her valentines for her classmates; she tells told me last Friday that she got the class list from her teacher and that she wanted to pass out something. I took her to... Continue Reading →

Paper 13 Play

Hello. How're you today? I turned the heat to one degree up as I'm cold. The Bay Area is getting rain soon; it'll hit up north first this mid-afternoon before it gets to us around nighttime. I just got an alert text about high winds and flash flooding. It made me think of how grateful... Continue Reading →

Paper 12 Play

Good evening. What's for dessert? We had some ice cream, something the husband was generous with in scoops. What'd you do today? I was trying to work on a birthday card but was mainly distracted by the teen watching Carmen Sandiego and Glee. Then she realized she had some reading homework to do online so... Continue Reading →

Paper 11 Play

Good afternoon. What's for lunch today? I had a quarter of some eggplant parmesan that I had picked up at Costco. Do you shop at Costco or at a place similar to it? Usually when I make the run I'm too tired to cook after loading and unloading + composting old food. So before I... Continue Reading →

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