5 Once Upon a Sock

Good afternoon. What's for lunch today? The husband and I had some eggplant Parmigiana from Costco that I had spotted in an aisle; it's pretty good. I can get real lazy for lunch and I'm trying to eat more vegetables during that meal. I'm a day late to Once Upon a Sock. Paula (Spin a Yarn) is... Continue Reading →

4 Once Upon a Sock

  Well, hello there. Have you ever scheduled appointments quickly and then realize you didn't space them out well, thus, having a crazy day? I had moved appointments to November because the teenager had either practice or matches. Today she had to make up her flu shot that was missed due to fever that one... Continue Reading →

3 Once Upon a Sock

Good morning. If you’re new around here, Once Upon A Sock consists of we, sock knitters, who post the first, Thursday of every month about our sock WIP's. Our Once Upon a Sock family has grown so instead of linking to one another's blogs like we usually do, Paula of Spin a Yarn is now... Continue Reading →

2 Once Upon a Sock

Hello. As I said, I'm poppin' my head in for this month's Once Upon a Sock.  How y'all like the new graphic? Last week I had tried using free, word art generators online. However, the end results weren't impressive. I either didn't have enough words to fill out a shape or the program was limited.... Continue Reading →

1 Once Upon a Sock

Aloha this rainy morning. _へ__(‾◡◝ )> I am in good spirits as it's Thursday and it's one day closer to Friday and two steps to the weekend. How're you today? I'm happy to announce our Once Upon A Sock ohana is growing! Our sock circle has three {Correction [no more strikethrough on my WP toolbar]: We... Continue Reading →

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