Oahu 2019

Aloha. The AC has been blasting away for the last hour. The east bay has been warm with mid-80's temperatures. Yesterday was loco as it was at least 91° here; we were melting. Have you ever tried a charcoal mask? Before our ohana holiday the girls and I were at Old Navy; I grabbed a... Continue Reading →

A June Catch Up

(above: a recently built Particles Block set by the tween; it's 350 pieces.) I. A Birthday Guess who's 12 years old now? Her birthday was the second to last day of school. I'm lucky to have a laidback kid because it was okay to have leftovers for dinner. However, I did pick up a Baskin... Continue Reading →

Spring Break

"It doesn't matter where you're going, it's who you have beside you." — Unknown Ah, spring break, how we miss you so. Ours had started on Good Friday. 4/19, FridayOur crew tidied up around the house as we were hosting a family potluck get-together the next afternoon. 4/20, Saturday RibsSince the potluck was at our house,... Continue Reading →

Seventh Week of Summer

Hi there. How're you doing? Our crew was out-of-town all last week and we are adjusting back to the grind: Flew down to LA Sunday, 7/29 Disneyland 7/30 - 7/31 Universal Studios 8/1 - 8/2 8/3 A pool day + Korean food in K-Town + cookie dough dessert 8/4 Hearst Castle 8/5 Drove home It... Continue Reading →

First Week of Summer

Sorry I haven't been around this week. With June starting off with the youngest's birthday party and school ending with all of these early dismissals, I totally blanked out and had to pay about $11 in late fees for the teenager's library books. And summer has started off packed with activities. First and foremost, I'm... Continue Reading →

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