8 Knit For Me

Yesterday I showed you my newly blocked, Big Woods Flax. I wanted to post about it first because it was important to show how blocking is essential for fresh-off-the-needles FO's and well, technically, I had talked about it first during my STITCHES West post. I needed to wrap it up. The same day my Coconut... Continue Reading →

Made For 5

When a pair of socks have been Kitchener Stitched, another sock project waits in the wings. A promise made to the teen-aged first-born, she whose eyes greedily devoured the yarn.   A mama who can't resist making her baby happy. Slither Inn sits, ready to be transformed. #mysistersknitter #MSKsockyarnclub18 #personalsockyarnyear4

4 Knit For Me

Good afternoon. I'm composin' a quick post before I have to pick up the teenager. The sky is currently darkening with a blanket of ombre grey clouds, signaling the return of rain. "Yer a wizard, Harry" are growing! I've got about 20 rounds to go for each foot. My strategy has been to knit 10... Continue Reading →

1 Once Upon a Sock

Aloha this rainy morning. _へ__(‾◡◝ )> I am in good spirits as it's Thursday and it's one day closer to Friday and two steps to the weekend. How're you today? I'm happy to announce our Once Upon A Sock ohana is growing! Our sock circle has three {Correction [no more strikethrough on my WP toolbar]: We... Continue Reading →

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