Mortimer & Minerva 7

Good afternoon. Hump Day is a good one - productive and relaxing. I did my cardio and then filled out two forms for the athletic department. Today was supposed to be the first day of turning in the forms for fall sports participants, but I found a sign that it was cancelled. So then I... Continue Reading →

Mortimer & Minerva 6

Good morning. As promised, here are more pics of Mortimer and Minerva: The little chicken puppet is a favorite for the kittens to pick up and run around with. These two constantly bat it around and chase one another when one has it in her mouth. The teen's desk chair is a popular spot in... Continue Reading →

Mortimer & Minerva 5

Good morning. I haven't taken too many pictures of Mortie and Minnie lately. I usually forget to bring my phone when I go to one of the rooms to pet them. However, I was able to capture the kittens in what they usually do every day: Mum Mum Time We got them down to three... Continue Reading →

Mortimer & Minerva 4

Good afternoon. It's 4:16pm on this 77° Wednesday. How is your Wednesday going? Ready to see the kittens? I wanted to make sure I fulfill Kathy's request ^__^. Can you tell who messes with who the most? Mortimer and Minerva love to explore the house because you know...they own it. They got tuckered out here... Continue Reading →

Mortimer & Minerva 3

Good evening. What's for din din tonight? I have only one child to worry about most of this week. The tween is up north at Science Camp with all of her sixth grade class. The teenager and I are chillin after a busy afternoon of droppin off her friends at home, returning library books, grabbin... Continue Reading →

Mortimer & Minerva 2

Good morning. How're you today? How was your weekend? Mine was busy. Friday I attended my first, Pampered Chef party; it was across the street at my neighbor's. We made quinoa fried rice with shrimp. I ordered an apple peeler and a cutting board with a well in it for meat and juicy fruit. Saturday... Continue Reading →

Mortimer & Minerva 1

Good morning. I tried to get this post out yesterday but then it got too busy. The day finally came. The week was spent preparing for our two, new family members - Mortimer (right) & Minerva (left). They look a little scroungy since I gave each one a tearless shampoo and rub since they were... Continue Reading →

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