Mortimer & Minerva 3

Good evening. What's for din din tonight? I have only one child to worry about most of this week. The tween is up north at Science Camp with all of her sixth grade class. The teenager and I are chillin after a busy afternoon of droppin off her friends at home, returning library books, grabbin... Continue Reading →

Mortimer & Minerva 2

Good morning. How're you today? How was your weekend? Mine was busy. Friday I attended my first, Pampered Chef party; it was across the street at my neighbor's. We made quinoa fried rice with shrimp. I ordered an apple peeler and a cutting board with a well in it for meat and juicy fruit. Saturday... Continue Reading →

Mortimer & Minerva 1

Good morning. I tried to get this post out yesterday but then it got too busy. The day finally came. The week was spent preparing for our two, new family members - Mortimer (right) & Minerva (left). They look a little scroungy since I gave each one a tearless shampoo and rub since they were... Continue Reading →

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