Nom and a Bit of Organization

Hi there. How's it goin'? As promised, here is a look-see at the wonderful, tasty meal our ohana had at my parents'. Thank you again Mommy (°◡°♡).:。and Daddy. Slideshow Photos 6-layer dip grilled tri-tip & shrimp taco bar mac 'n cheese Southwestern chicken salad (made by my SIL) my grandfather's tripe recipe Sheng Kee cake... Continue Reading →

Birthday Collages

Good afternoon. How're you today? I want to thank you for your lovely visits and birthday cheer; you are thoughtful and sweet. Here's a summary of my birthday in collages: The day before, Thursday, I drove over the bridge to meet up with a Ulloa Sharka mum for lunch. I had reached out to her... Continue Reading →

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