Cross Stitch VI

My Babies Hello and good morning to you. Yesterday school started to my daughters' utter delights, LOL. In my rush to get out of the house, I forgot to take a picture of them. However, I remembered to take one today before we had to pick up our neighbor. Aren't they beautiful? I'm so proud... Continue Reading →

Cross Stitch V

Good afternoon on this blustery, 72° Thursday. Before I get into my latest cross stitch WIP and goodies, I wanted to explain National Night Out and Craft Night as they've been asked about. National Night Out National Night Out (US) is usually the Tuesday of the first, full week of August. My neighbor, who had... Continue Reading →

Cross Stitch IV

Good morning. How have you been? Well, school is finally out for the summer here. I have this to show you: I finished Marauder's Map by last Sunday. Monday I bought a frame from Target as I had liked that it came with a mat, enabling me to frame it in an 8"x10" way. The... Continue Reading →

Cross Stitch III

Hi y'all. A quick post as I've been dilligently working on the tween's teacher gift. Here's what I've gotten done so far: I just finished backstitching the Marauder's map: I bought a Morgan lap stand (made in the USA) to try because I started having aches from holding the hoop and stitching: There are different... Continue Reading →

Cross Stitch II

Hi there. Thank you for your well wishes. By yesterday, I was feeling better but my eyes were too tired to look at the computer long. Today I'm back to the grind. The only craft I've been working on is this Marauder's Map cross stitch for the tween's teacher. I've only had the energy to... Continue Reading →

Cross Stitch I

Good afternoon. How's your Thursday been? I drove up to the city for a dental appointment; traffic was average. The parking gods were kind to me as I was lucky and had found a metered, parking spot within ten minutes; there was already 37 minutes on the meter! I had $2 in change, emptying that... Continue Reading →

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