Paper 18 Play

Good morning. What are you up to today? Alice's birthday was yesterday. I met her at the elementary school the dames went to in SF; her and her family had come in later and we had served on PTA together. She's bubbly, sweet, and generous; back then this mama would hook me up with some... Continue Reading →

Paper 17 Play

Good morning. TGIF! How is your morning going? The tween walked over to our neighbor's house and the husband is dropping off the teen. I have a new card to show you. This was made for my moi moi (little sister); her birthday was on Tuesday. The Inspiration I wanted to try the technique of... Continue Reading →

Paper 16 Play

Hello. What are you up to this weekend? Our crew slept in and is chillaxin until we go up to the city for dinner. The dames and I are out here rewatching the first season of Project MC2. I'm backlogged here in terms of card making. Previously I created two, cards to let an aunt... Continue Reading →

Paper 13 Play

Hello. How're you today? I turned the heat to one degree up as I'm cold. The Bay Area is getting rain soon; it'll hit up north first this mid-afternoon before it gets to us around nighttime. I just got an alert text about high winds and flash flooding. It made me think of how grateful... Continue Reading →

Paper 12 Play

Good evening. What's for dessert? We had some ice cream, something the husband was generous with in scoops. What'd you do today? I was trying to work on a birthday card but was mainly distracted by the teen watching Carmen Sandiego and Glee. Then she realized she had some reading homework to do online so... Continue Reading →

Paper 11 Play

Good afternoon. What's for lunch today? I had a quarter of some eggplant parmesan that I had picked up at Costco. Do you shop at Costco or at a place similar to it? Usually when I make the run I'm too tired to cook after loading and unloading + composting old food. So before I... Continue Reading →

Paper 10 Play

Good afternoon. Has your January got you up and running like mine? The first Saturday we celebrated the birthdays of my niece and two nephews. I'm back to carpooling every day. Last Friday there was Craft Night at my neighbor's. Sunday the girls and I cleaned out our closets for a Tuesday, charity pick up.... Continue Reading →

Paper 8 Play

Hi everyone. How're you today? How is your day going? Mine's going well. I power walked 3.22 miles this morning and have been reading blogs. I'm caught up on those that come up in my WP Reader. I've just started my Bloglovin' feed. On 9/11 I meant to say something before I got into the... Continue Reading →

Second & Third Week of Summer

Hi there. I know I've been a bit MIA. Thank you Patty for checking up on me on IG. Also, Wisps of Words had commented on my last post, "You are one busy lady. But of course, since you are in the middle of child rearing. My “old lady” suggestion, is….. Concentrate on that! This family time, will... Continue Reading →

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