Status Report and Admin

Hi everybody. How're you today? Yesterday I did a marathon of reading blogs on the couch. I swear, taking that speed reading course before I had started college was one of the best, beneficial classes I've ever taken my whole life. I just wanted to let you know I am good and the ohana's good;... Continue Reading →

A Break

Aloha everyone. Spring break officially starts tomorrow. Yaaasss! I will be taking a break from the blogging world to enjoy every minute of it. I'll be back the twenty-ninth to share here and to catch up with your worlds then. Aloha.

Paper 6 Play

Good evening. What's for dinner? I have 10, organic drumsticks in the instant pot right now cooking away in a ginger, garlic sauce (Living Sweet Moments). Now that I've been using this appliance for meat I've been cooking every day. However, it feels easier because I don't have to stand at the stove and fuss... Continue Reading →

Can you comment okay here?

Hi there. A fellow knitter reached out to me today to mention how she has difficulty commenting here on WP. She has a Blogspot blog. Are any of you who've had trouble commenting here trying to comment from Blogspot or Typepad? So I went to investigate. First I logged out of my WP account so... Continue Reading →

11 Knit for Me & Made For 8

Good afternoon. Oh boy has this Tuesday flown by. I meant to sew after my workout but I ended up taking a pick-me-upper nap to recharge my energy. The husband is home today, getting over a bug; he's been workin' hard and exhausted from everything; he's definitely on the mend and feeling better by now.... Continue Reading →

Blog Header

Good afternoon; it's a good one here inside the house after freezing in the school yard when tiny bits of hail rained down. The weather has been weird today with cycles of sun, darkening skies, and rain in different degrees. I can't help it but I wanted to show off my new blog header that... Continue Reading →

9 Knit For Me

Good afternoon. What are you eating for lunch today? I haven't eaten yet. I first ran by Trader Joe's to pick up tonight's dinner and then 30+ minutes on the elliptical. My parents passed down the machine to us so I'm determined to use it every day this month. After I soaked my foot, the... Continue Reading →

2 Once Upon a Sock

Hello. As I said, I'm poppin' my head in for this month's Once Upon a Sock.  How y'all like the new graphic? Last week I had tried using free, word art generators online. However, the end results weren't impressive. I either didn't have enough words to fill out a shape or the program was limited.... Continue Reading →


Hi y'all. I just wanted to let you know we are on spring break. My kids started last Friday so I decided to take the time off from blogging. Note: I will quickly pop in for Once Upon a Sock though. While I have a minor, podiatrist surgery tomorrow and have to rest for a... Continue Reading →

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