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Hello and welcome. I’m Stefanie: Born & bred in San Francisco, a woman of many hairstyles, and a Harry Potter nerd. I now live in the suburbs of the East Bay in the Bay Area, CA with my husband and our two daughters.

I’m an avid reader thanks to my mama. Back when I was a kid, we were only allowed to check out 12 books every two weeks. The librarian used to comment how amazed she was to see I would finish said stack of books and then check out that many bi-monthly.

I also used to teach fifth grade. After our youngest daughter was born, I became a stay-at-home mom. She was a demanding baby, crying all the time unless I carried her. I could get nothing done nor even sleep. My poor husband, who had slept on the couch for the first, three months, would come home after a 50 mi commute and after picking up our preschooler to a wife who would tell him, “I am not happy.” My smart husband, knowing I was stressed out and absolutely frazzled, suggested I get a hobby. Enter knitting, my first love.

I have been knitting for 10 years now. I was known for the slouchy beanies I would wear on a cold, foggy day in SF. I then branched out to sock knitting and now, a big priority this 2018 is garments, mainly sweaters.

Since moving to the suburbs, I got into card making. I wanted to sprinkle a little sunshine during a relative or friend’s birthday. My cards have evolved from simple stamping to layers of 3-D distress.

Sewing has also entered my life and has expanded my world of crafting. I’m still a beginner and have been obsessed with zipper pouches because of the fun choices in fabric prints out there. This year I plan to broaden my repertoire to clothes, something I’m very excited about.

I am honored whenever I have visitors here and delighted when a reader decides my blog is worthy for his/her reading list. I read every comment and respond back to you here through WordPress or through email.

I don’t mind if you share one of my posts to another platform through one of the share buttons. Please ask first if you’re going to use a photo of mine on your website and please give me a nod of credit, especially when you are inspired to try something similar from a design I have created. Thank you and have great day.

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