Cross Stitch II

Hi there. Thank you for your well wishes. By yesterday, I was feeling better but my eyes were too tired to look at the computer long. Today I’m back to the grind.

The only craft I’ve been working on is this Marauder’s Map cross stitch for the tween’s teacher.

I’ve only had the energy to sit on the couch, watch The Great British Baking Show, and stitch.

Harry was finished first. I decided to get his backstitching details done right after because he’s not really Harry without his glasses and scar.

Note: In case I didn’t mention it, my needle minder is from A Needle Runs Through It on Etsy; she’s local in the Bay Area. I mentioned her shop before, having bought her Harry Potter-themed stitch markers at STITCHES West 2019. I had no idea if I even had a needle minder (one from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery is a hazy ghost in my mind) around so I just got another.

Now I’m working on one of the Weasley twins. Yesterday I completed his face, hair, and those parts of his body.

I’m having fun cross stitching this pattern. It’s easy to work on while binging on the baking competition. It’s also very relaxing.

Off to get back to it. I know i’m behind on your posts now; I’ll probably catch up on your blogs this weekend. Thanks for poppin in. Have a good Thursday and TTYS.

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  1. I’d like to try cross stitching. It seems so gloriously self contained and I know there is a wide variety in difficulty level. Glad to hear you’re feeling better but hope you’re still getting lots of rest.

    BTW I went to the doctor about my headaches after your comment and at my husband’s urging and am glad I did. The diagnosis isn’t what I wanted but at least I can get started on hopefully making it better.

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