6 Once Upon a Sock/3 Charity Drive

Good morning. How is your Thursday going? I got my workout in and cleaned up earlier so now I’m enjoying a cup of Yamamotoyama Genmai Cha while Spotify plays 100 Most Essential Classical Favorites.

I’m linking the Once Upon a Sock and the Charity Drive series together since I realized today is the first Thursday of April.

Paula (Spin a Yarn) is the one who created and started the Once Upon a Sock event. Anyone is welcome to join in at any time whenever you can. Link ups are over here this week for your sock post; there you can also read the posts of participants.

I have more knitting progress to report: the second pair of baby booties have been started for Itty Bitty Knits March 2019 Charity – blessing bags for new mom in the upper Wisconsin area. I’m still using Loops & Threads Joy DK but in Cloud, a light grey this time.

^__^ And can you see I’m knitting TAAT? Yay for utilizing what I learned in Patty Lyons’s class! I’m using two circular needles which is my preferred method. This way is easier on my hands and wrists.

The soles were started via Judy’s Magic Cast On which means they were started from the middle of the soles which are folded in half in this picture. I’m almost done with the base of each foot and will then move onto the shaping decreases before I hit the cuffs.

I’ll be listening to an audiobook while I knit today but I may catch up first on comments and blogs. Thanks for poppin in and have a good Thursday. TTYS.

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  1. TAAT sure seems like the way to go for knitting socks. I know I’d, personally, suffer from second sock syndrome and I’d end up with a drawerful of unmatched socks. ;^) That blue yarn looks soft for cuddling the tootsies.


    1. Hi Becki. I really like TAAT and want to cast on a pair of socks for myself toe up after I finish the booties. I like the feel of Loops & Threads in this Joy DK weight. I figured grey is a good neutral since baby clothes are in so many cute prints.


  2. I totally should have spell checked my response before hitting “Post Comment”. Can you edit for me please? Or cancel the comment? It should say:

    Knitting TAAT is also my favorite! Although I’m knitting mine with magic loop this time, I have also (and enjoy) knitted with two circulars.

    Aww…baby booties are so much fun to knit and that’s such a pretty color! Speaking of which, I should probably knit a pair to send to my nephew for his new baby girl 😀 So good to see you link up again!

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    1. I deleted that one and published this one ^__^. I’m so glad I learned TAAT. Magic Loop isn’t bad. I think I would need a longer, cabled circ. How long of a cable do you use? This pattern I’m using is free BTW and someone has converted it to in the round which I’m using.


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