16 Knit for Me

Hello. This post has been prepped because I’ll be running errands today. Joann is having their 20% purchase right now and I need to get some Christmas fabric for the next swap I need to work on. Plus, the teenager needs some ingredients as she’ll be making Harry Potter-inspired cupcakes for her girlfriend who’s having a birthday party most of Saturday before they gussy up and go off to Homecoming. I have to drive my daughter and three of her teammates to another high school for an away match this afternoon. And no doubt this weekend will go by fast as well.

Sock knitting has been my go-to WIP during tennis matches.

I gots a HFO! Disneyland 2018 (part of My Sister’s Knitter Head, Neck and Feet KAL) half done.

I tried it on and it’s snug, probably not as snug as my Yer a wizard, Harry. My right foot is an eighth of an inch longer so the foot seemed a teensy bit short. I do have a high instep as well so I’m hoping a wet-blocking will relax the fabric more. I’ll save this sock for my left foot.

I know I should cast on the second sock asap but I’ve also been working on Hogwarts, Hermione, & Halloween (part of Stitching the High Notes’s Pumpkin MAL). I should measure the leg to see how much I got as I need something today to keep my hands occupied while waiting for my daughter to get onto a court.

I’ve been doing good on keeping the Hermione’s Everyday Socks stitch pattern going. Last time you saw about 32 rounds (eight repeats) of it. Now it’s at 52 rounds, 13 repeats). This pattern uses the Eye of Partridge heel but I’m almost tempted to try a different heel, the Fish Lips Kiss one. That however would require some concentration.

Before I log off…Jen was my swap partner for Knit Equals Joy’s 2018 Fall Mini Swap: Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins. I received this wonderful package of pumpkiness:

Don’t you love her knitted pumpkins?! I got spoiled and got two instead of just one.

As for what I made for my swap partner, I was trying to get everything done before the post office went on lunch break so I totally forgot to take a picture! I asked Meg if she could snap a close up of the pumpkin I had knitted for her and of the handmade card I sent along with it. Stay tuned for that.

Okie doke, off to measure knit fabric. I hope you’re having a good Friday. TGIF. I’m behind on blogs and hope to catch up this Sunday as Saturday is slated for sewing. TTYS!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Ooo love the orange socks! I keep meaning to knit up socks yet I just can’t bring myself to do it. And what a great swap! Love those teeny pumpkins!


  2. Hope you get some great stuff at the sale! Have a lovely, even if busy, weekend.


  3. I love your little pumpkins.


  4. Oh those knitted pumpkins! They are precious!!!!

    I love that title…. “Hogwarts, Hermione, & Halloween”!!!!!

    Seems your “kidlets” are always having friends with birthdays! :-)))) And everyone has so much fun, with them!

    Ohhhh Homecoming! Is everyone having as much fun, as humanly possible, with all these HS things????????? Yes, I’m sure you are!!!!

    “Hogwarts, Hermione, & Halloween”!!!!! hugs, to you!!!!!



  5. Those pumpkins! So cute, so adorable! I love orange and looking at your socks and that pumpkin, I’m reminded that I need more orange in my life 🙂


  6. pretty awesome sock you got there 🙂 I was in Michaels for a 20% off.


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