Birthday Collages

Good afternoon. How’re you today? I want to thank you for your lovely visits and birthday cheer; you are thoughtful and sweet.

Here’s a summary of my birthday in collages:

The day before, Thursday, I drove over the bridge to meet up with a Ulloa Sharka mum for lunch. I had reached out to her to reconnect with her. We used to, with another parent, grab a bite to eat at the local cafe after the morning bell. The two of us had a terrific time catching up.

When Ro had learned it was my birthday the next day, she wanted to go to Cheesecake Factory and treat me to dessert. I picked out the raspberry-lemon cheesecake and some hot chocolate. Oh boy was I stuffed afterwards.

That evening, my husband came home with some goodies. He was so sweet. After a full day of work and commuting home, my man stopped by our Whole Foods which is located in a small plaza that has a super busy parking lot.

Sunflowers, a new orchid, and berry-Chantilly cake. The sunflowers are in a cute, glass jar that I told him was perfect because I had needed something for my wooden spoons, spatulas, etc. as the ceramic pitcher from our apartment days was severely chipped. The cake was heavy! There are four layers of white cake with berries inside as well. My daughters have been looking forward to dessert every night.

Friday, the 7th – my actual birth day, my husband took off just to spend time with me. He surprised me by taking me to Wisteria Cafe located in Palo Alto and where this group of buildings support the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.

The food was very good. We had ordered the crab cakes appetizer, he a salad, and me the crab and avocado Benedict. The one complaint I have is I had bitten into egg-shell, an amount as much a dime, and my entrée wasn’t even discounted a little bit. Other than that, the two of us explored a bit the grounds as it had lovely gardens about. This area is used for weddings and such.

Later on in the day I had a wonderful surprise:

My BFF sent me flowers! They are opening up right now and make me smile every time I look at them.

I was also blessed to have family and friends text, email, or leave me cheer on social media all day long. It truly was a beautiful day. (In case you’re curious, all collages were made with the LiveCollage app.)

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  1. Happy Birthday! You were totally spoiled and that is how it should be:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Birthday! You had such a sweet celebration, it’s so nice to feel loved and cherished!


  3. What a super total Birthday Celebration!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Happy birthday and what a lovely time you had celebrating! I’m not sure which dessert sounds better so I think I’d just to have them both! How nice that your husband took off to be with you. That’s always my favorite kind of birthday gift!


  5. Renee Anne says:


    Also, VKL in SF in a couple weeks?


  6. Patty Magyar says:

    I loved that your birthday weekend was so perfect! When we lived in Santa Clara…Palo Alto was our fave Saturday stomping grounds!


  7. We went to Cheesecake Factory recently. I got the pumpkin pecan but took it home. It was so decadent. I almost chose looks wonderful.


  8. Ha, the cake made me forger. Happy Birthday!!!


  9. you are so loved and I am hungry for all the good foods you had!!


  10. the bookworm says:

    It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Gorgeous flowers and mmmm Cheesecake Factory.


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