Seventh Week of Summer

Hi there. How’re you doing? Our crew was out-of-town all last week and we are adjusting back to the grind:

  • Flew down to LA Sunday, 7/29
  • Disneyland 7/30 – 7/31
  • Universal Studios 8/1 – 8/2
  • 8/3 A pool day + Korean food in K-Town + cookie dough dessert
  • 8/4 Hearst Castle
  • 8/5 Drove home

It was 90° in southern California. I won’t lie; it was hard to walk around in that heat. Disneyland was more bearable because after a certain point you would be under air conditioning and we had Fastpass which enabled us to get onto rides faster.

A tip learned by my husband: Use the Disney app which will enable you to schedule rides via Fastpass easier and faster. You do have to pay daily in which the fee includes access to all the pictures you take with Disneyland photographers but you won’t have to keep going to kiosks to get FP tix.

Universal Studios didn’t have a lot of shelter for shows and rides. We upgraded to Express the second day we were there as we hit all the major rides that Thursday. Hogsmeade was awesome! I felt extremely happy there. We waited in line for the Olivander’s tour and the girls and I bought our wands.

Here’s a slideshow of highlights from our trip:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Off to do some cooking prep. It’s been busy this week with taking one child to her first, swimming mini session (four days a week for a half an hour each) and then the other to Open Court (tryouts start next week). Today I dropped off the teen at the courts and her sister and I ran to Costco, came home to unload, hung out for a tiny bit, ran to get her sister, and then off to swimming. This evening is our court’s block party as it’s National Night Out day so I have some frozen, shrimp tempura to bake and I need to help set up down the block.

I’ll try to catch up on your blogs this week. Thanks for droppin’ by! TTYS.

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! My husband and I went to Disneyland years ago and loved it. We hope to go back some time:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stefanie says:

      We had a lot of fun there. With all of the themes and characters we’re familiar with, it probably resonated with each of us. We did miss it later on in the week. I like Universal but it was just about Hogsmeade for me.

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  2. Kathryn says:

    Sounds totally fun and great idea to do the fast Pass thingee! I did do Disney and Universal studios in the ’90’s. Yikes I hated some of those rides but it was an experience!


  3. MrsMcD918 says:

    Jealous you went to HP! I hope to someday 🙂


  4. whoa, a busy week and a super fun one too!!


  5. Great get away. But oh the heat!

    We went to Disney World in FL, years ago. After the kids had grown, but we were still young enough to do it. -grin-

    Glad you are home safely, and getting back in the home groove.


  6. Patty Magyar says:

    That sounded like a fun and exhausting getaway! I bet you will be happy when school starts?


  7. autumngeisha says:

    Looks like a fun vacation! Love seeing all your vacation pictures. Hogsmeade would have been my favorite also.


  8. We’re talking about heading out to California and doing kind of a tour of Southern California. Disneyland is of course tops on my list so I was really interested to see this. I completely forgot that there’s a Universal Studios there! Need to add that to the list. We went to Disney World last year and are going again this year so I’m super familiar with how that works but I need to figure out how Disneyland works. I’m glad to see that there are fast pass options even if you have to pay for it! Now I need to go check out Universal. I’ve been to the one in FL a few times but never CA.


  9. Oh my gosh! What an amazing trip! I need to do a USA/Disney trip! I love the pic of the house points! Thanks for sharing the slideshow and I need to come back here for tips if I ever do manage to schedule a Disney trip!


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